"Advance Drug and Alcohol has helped us take our drug and alcohol testing program to the next level."

-John Costello - Sysco Syracuse

"We have found Advanced Drug & Alcohol Testing Inc. to be  insightful to our needs and courteous with our employee's. They are complete Professionals and we would highly recommend them to anyone that requires their services."

-David M. Bovi - Rome Strip Steel

"Advanced Drug & Alcohol Testing, Inc. is an outstanding service provider. I have had the pleasure of working with Advanced Drug & Alcohol Testing’s owner Karen Shelp-Dunbar for over 5 years. Karen really understands the business, and is very professional in the manner in which she interacts with our employees. Advanced Drug & Alcohol Testing, Inc. is a first class organization."

-Mike Hagenmayer - Dynegy Independence Station

Our Services

On-Site Drug and Alcohol Testing

Drug and Alcohol abuse is the single most costly and preventable medical and social disorder facing our world today. It tears apart the very fabric of our society, destroying families, businesses and lives.

Our goal at Advanced Drug and Alcohol Testing is to help identify and stop this process through education, training and professionally managed drug and alcohol testing programs.

Advanced Drug and Alcohol Testing has a mission to create a system of drug and alcohol testing services that will help businesses and sports organizations cost effectively promote a drug and alcohol-free environment in which we can all work, travel, live and compete.

In-House Drug and Alcohol Testing

Visit our convenient location to comply with your company's drug and alcohol testing policy. While our typical office hours are from 7:30 am - 6:00 pm, we will gladly schedule appointments outside of these times for your convenience. Please call today! to schedule an appointment.

Background Reports

Advanced Drug and Alcohol Testing is committed to providing your Human Resources Department with background reports, specifically designed for your company, that are timely, meticulously accurate and up-to-date. Accurate background checks help you make those vital hiring decisions. We know hiring qualified, honest employees is critical to your success. We will help you find the right talent the first time.

Drug and Alcohol Evaluations

Advanced Drug and Alcohol Testing can provide comprehensive evaluations for drug and alcohol abuse, addiction and court-ordered service.

Call or visit us to find out more!

Drug & Alcohol Testing

  • Alcohol Testing [24 hour turnaround]
  • Drug Testing [24 hour turnaround]
  • DNA Paternity Testing [7 day turnaround]
  • Drug & Alcohol Training
  • Finger Printing Collection
  • LoreHair Analysis Drug Testing [72 hour turnaround]

Drug & Alcohol Evaluations

  • Court-ordered evaluations
  • Have you been charged with a DUI?

Additional Services

  • Nanny Check Verification
  • Tenant Screening
  • Workers’ Compensation Fraud Investigations
    (surveillance and other techniques)
  • Military Background Verification (discharge form retrieval or active duty)
  • I–9 Verification Automation (immigration status)
  • Finger Printing Collection
  • DNA Paternity Testing
  • Corporate Research & Investigations